N7PIR Nets
Currently there are two sanctioned Nets operating on the N7PIR system. All others are guests supported on a first come, first served basis within established priorities.

The Morning Roundtable on IRLP Reflector 9005 – (Daily 0830-0900)
This group of long-time friends from the Northwest gets together almost every morning from about 0830 until about 0900. They welcome visitors, so if you want to join in and say “hello” just wait for them to ask for any visitors to “come now” and throw out your call. Don’t forget, IRLP is involved, so wait a second or two after keying before talking so you don’t get your call chopped off.

The Amateur Television Net – (Mondays from 1900-2000) NOTE: The ATV Net is on hiatus for the moment.
Each Monday evening the Amateur Television (ATV) group conducts a net at 7PM on the N7PIR system. ATV is the transmission of broadcast quality video and audio via amateur radio. This is not a typical net and its purpose is to facilitate the coordination and discussion of the video and audio transmissions taking place via ATV. Net traffic on N7PIR is sometimes sporadic, but the net is active so please keep in mind that the repeater system is in use during this time to support the net.

The ATV group is friendly and welcomes visitors and questions, so if you want to know more feel free to ask. If you want to join in the fun, watch the video stream via the Internet or get further information about ATV, have a look at either or