What Frequencies can I use?

We've had a couple of inquiries from newer hams asking things such as "what frequencies can be used for what purpose"?  The following is an attempt to provide an answer to that question and similar ones. 

 In general, the answer is it depends on your license class and to some extent where you are located. In addition to the FCC rules governing what license classes can use specific segments of the RF spectrum the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has established a "Band Plan" which outlines voluntary division of bands to avoid interference between incompatible modes on a national level.  In addition to the ARRL Band Plan, each area has a local coordination body which coordinates frequency use.  In Oregon and Southwest Washington the Oregon Region Relay Council (ORRC) has this responsibility and coordinates frequencies in the 10 meter band and higher.  Their web site contains links to their band plans by band which is a convenient reference.  Have a look and keep the questions coming!