No Breakfast Meeting in December

We will meet in January,  Happy Holidays to all,

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Goat Mountain is Down

Unfortunately the Goat Mountain Repeater has suffered a failure and is again out of service.   Repairs will be made as soon as possible.

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Goat Mountain Repeater is back!

Many thanks to the technical group for fixing the Goat Mountain repeater.  It is now up and linked with the Skyline Repeater providing a wider area of coverage.  Additional repairs to the linking network are planned for the near future.

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System Status 12/01/2015

Skyline is currently linked with Goat Mountain (IRLP available - node 3420).


Goat Mountain is in service and linked with Skyline  (IRLP available - node 3420).


Salem is currently standing-alone (IRLP NOT available)


Mt Hood and Grizzly are linked together (IRLP NOT available)


Seaside is in service (IRLP available - node 3430).


Additional re-linking will be done as soon as possible

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No Breakfast in November

Many people are travelling and/or enjoying a long holiday weekend with family so we will not have a meeting this month.  We'll catch you next time!  Happy Thanksgiving from N7PIR

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