Nets on N7PIR

Currently there are two sanctioned Nets operating on the N7PIR system.  All others are guests supported on a first come, first served basis within established priorities.


The Morning Roundtable on IRLP Reflector 9005  -  (Daily 0830-0900)
This group of long-time friends from the Northwest gets together almost every morning from about 0830 until about 0900. They welcome visitors, For more information see N7PIR Nets


The Amateur Television Net  -  (Mondays from 1900-2000)
Each Monday evening the Amateur Television (ATV) group conducts a net at 7PM on the N7PIR system.  ATV Net traffic on N7PIR is sometimes sporadic, but the net is active so please keep in mind that the repeater system is in use during this time to support the net. Please see Nets on N7PIR for more information or to watch the video check out or




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IRLP and Echolink

We would like to remind everyone that users must ID before, during and after using IRLP.  Please disconnect when finished!  If you wish to use IRLP or Echolink and are not familiar with the process please ask for a control operator and/or review the guidelines page on this website (see link below).  Thank You for supporting good operating practices.


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Distracted Driving

There has been lots of talk about the new laws in Oregon and Washington about distracted driving and the use of Ham radio.  In Oregon Amateurs are exempted and can operate a radio while driving if they are over 18 years of age. This does not mean that if you are in violation of another traffic law or get in a wreck while using a radio that you cannot be cited for distracted driving.


N7PIR urges amateurs to exercise caution and common sense when using the radio while driving. For more information on the new laws in Oregon please see


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What is SWR?

SWR essentially indicates the ratio of forward RF power to reflected RF power in the antenna system.  Click the link to read more.

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Welcome to N7PIR

We’ve got a lot of new users on the N7PIR system and we’re glad you’re here!   In addition to our “Guidelines”, please take a few minutes to check out some of the links below which are intended to be helpful to you in learning about your new hobby. If you have questions about the N7PIR System, please contact us via email using the "Contact" page of our web site or ask for a “control operator” on the repeater.  Some well-intentioned operators have been providing inaccurate information about the system, so we highly suggest that you get it from the source.  Watch the N7PIR web site news for information about the upcoming monthly meeting which is typically the last Saturday or the month (locations vary).  Enjoy!

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