System Status Update 8/9/2014

A few of the technical team made a relatively productive visit to Skyline today.  Some suspect capacitors were changed in the main repeater, some CAT5 cable was run  to support a future change in the linking network which, when completed, should get the system back to fully linked and support the addition of the Eugene repeater.  

Work continues on the replacement repeater for Goat Mountain.  We hope to get it on-line before the fall, but some technical and administrative delays have prolonged the original timeline.  Rest assured that it is being worked on.

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System Status Update 7/13/14

Thanks to the continued dedication of the techical crew progress is being made on improvements to the N7PIR system.  Most notably, the re-establishment of the Goat Mountain repeater.  While we had originally hoped to have it up by now, some administrative and technical issues are still being worked through.  It looks like Late July or August is our target at this point.


For more infomaition click System Status Update 7/13/14 to see the full article on the News page

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System Status Update 6/1/14

Thanks to the N7PIR technical guys three of the repeaters are linked again.  As of Sunday afternoon 6/1/2014, the Salem, Mt Hood and Grizzly Mountain repeaters are linked which re-establishes communications between Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley. If you were at the last N7PIR breakfast in addition to lots of other news you heard that progress continues to be made on the system.  If you weren't there, keep looking here for more information and come to the next meeting.  Check this web site about a week before the meeting (last saturday of each month) for the location as we occasionally move it and are planning for the west side in June.


For more detailed information check the Status Page.  To see a map click Three Linked Repeaters

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No N7PIR Breakfast in June

Since this month's breakfast meeting conflicts with Field Day we will take a month off from our Beakfast meeting and have the next one in July. Hope everybody has a great Field Day and makes a lot of contacts.  We'll look forward to seeing everyone in July and hearing about your adventures.

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Seaside IRLP is back up

6/5/2014 - The IRLP functionality was restored on the Seaside repeater as of about 8AM this morning.  Thanks to Grant for his help.  See you all this weekend at Seapac!

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