No N7PIR Breakfast in June

Since this month's breakfast meeting conflicts with Field Day we will take a month off from our Beakfast meeting and have the next one in July. Hope everybody has a great Field Day and makes a lot of contacts.  We'll look forward to seeing everyone in July and hearing about your adventures.

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Seaside IRLP is back up

6/5/2014 - The IRLP functionality was restored on the Seaside repeater as of about 8AM this morning.  Thanks to Grant for his help.  See you all this weekend at Seapac!

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Monday Night Amateur Television Net

Catch the Amateur Television (ATV) Net on the N7PIR system Monday evenings at 7PM. The Portland area ATV group is joined by ATV enthusiasts near and far using the N7PIR system and IRLP for coordination.  For more information please visit or

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Seaside IRLP Down

6/1/2014 - The IRLP connection to the Seaside machine (node 3430) is down.  The repeater is functional, just no Internet.  Plans are to restore IRLP access prior to this weekend's Seapac Convention.  Speaking of Seapac, some of us will be down there so give us a shout!



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It's time for the N7PIR Monthly Breakfast

The N7PIR Monthly User Group Breakfast is coming up Saturday May 31st from 8:30am - 10:00 am. It will take place at Elmers Restaurant in Clackamas.  Elmers is located at 16087 SE 82nd Drive. Join us for some socializing and to find out the latest plans and N7PIR happenings. 


Please let Mikey (K7QDX), Brien (K7KSN) or one of us know if you are planning to join us. You will likely hear us on the Skyline Repeater on Saturday morning.  Letting one of us know is very important because we need to tell Elmers how many people we are expecting so that everyone is accomodated.


For directions click

Elmer's Restaurant Clackamas

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