EchoLink Operating Policy

While different repeater systems have different approaches, it is the policy of the N7PIR Group to leave our system disconnected from other systems when not actively participating in a conversation, roundtable or net. If you connect to another system via EchoLink please be an active participant.

As EchoLink allows access via computers and not necessarily directly form radios the N7PIR Trustee has chosen to restrict access and incoming stations must be approved and white-listed prior to connecting. IRLP is the preferred method for connecting. Before using EchoLink, please familiarize yourself with how it works, visit

If you are trying to use EchoLink please make sure you are able to hold the repeater solidly. If you are weak and noisy or intermittent in to the repeater the DTMF functions may not be decoded consistently.

Identify yourself frequently and always before you push any DTMF codes on the repeater. A simple, “W7ABC controlling” or “K7XYZ accessing” is sufficient. Make sure to ID and clear when you are finished as well.

When connecting to external systems or reflectors, please limit the connection time to a reasonable duration. Remember, this system has a wide coverage area and is linked to several high-level repeaters.

As mentioned above, please make yourself familiar with EchoLink operating procedures before using it. It is especially important to pause at least 2-3 seconds every transmission to ensure the entire system is ready. This will help prevent the first words of your transmission from being “clipped” off. Links to EchoLink are above and on our “Links” page.

Even though the N7PIR Group repeaters are open repeaters, some special features are reserved for contributing members (e.g., use of the remote base and after hours use of IRLP).

EchoLink connections outbound are to be made between the hours of 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM (Unless a contributing member of the Group. Inbound connections require approval in advance. Contact a Control Operator.

*** REMEMBER*** Like other Amateur Radio modes EchoLink is a GLOBAL medium and your actions are a reflection of you, the repeater system owner, hams in your area and the citizens of the country you are from!! You are an ambassador of N7PIR, Portland, Oregon and the USA.